The EP format makes it tempting to cover as many bases as possible and BRUCE! succumb, ranging from tunefully abrasive punk (“Shapes And Numbers”) to grunge-core (“Sludge”) and metal-tinged straight-up rockers (“Captain” and “Shit Sells”). Twin guitars dominate and vocals are shared by Bruce Armstrong and Bruce Curley. The writing is similarly democratic with each of the four members contributing a song.

“Shapes And Numbers” is the pick of this crop and there’s some tasty guitar tone among the murk and barbed wire of “Sludge”. “Shit Sells” is a slam down that clocks in at barely a minute-and-a-third with a dive-bombing guitar figure the lasting hallmark. The whole EP rushes past in 11 minutes so it’s obviously a meal to be consumed fast rather than pushed around a plate.

Cover art is by Ben Brown (which is always a plus) and of course you can cop a listen at the bandcamp link below.


BRUCE! on Bandcamp