Drexler - Drexler (One Punch Records)

drexlerWell, this was a totally wonderful surprise. 

I found this in a record shop a few weeks back and it hasn’t left my player. If this is only a sample of what this band are like live, I need to see them. Full-on, credible lyrics (there’s a lyric sheet) and delivery, the kind of scathing pop the likes of Rage think denotes punk, Drexler are one of my finds of the year.

Melbourne’s Drexler call themselves punks but this little EP is more of a powerpop a beauty, positively rippling with clever riffs, fast guitar and a berko rhythm section. Remember when punks had choruses and you could bellow along? They got them.

The cover is, frankly, a bit dull (altho it does remind me of the film "Watermelon Man", which is a definite plus). I have no idea what a Drexler is, but I assume I’ll never know. "Patricidal Tendencies" opens and is heartstoppingly good. My favourite track is "Dying Breed", as Drexler uses that UK pop aspect so clumsily handled by so much UK punk, but pounced on by innumerable bands who know they have something to say. Perdition spring to mind, for example; both bands have a clear and clearly expressed world-vision. Damned impressive.

These guys are tight, filled with adrenalin, angst and street smarts. They’ll also help you wear a hole in your living room carpet or drive your ute up a street sign.


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