If urgency is your desire, you'll dig "Please Don't Touch" with its runaway train sound and scorching slide kicking things home. Bassist Satoru Takamori sings with a ton of passion and the engine room of Mag on drums and Rika on bass leave gaps in all the right places.

The wordy "Prismatic Colours" and the bluesy blare of the title track are highlights. "Choo Choo Train of Tears" (a CD bonus cut) proves these three can boogie with the best of them and wouldn't have been out of place in the Aussie beer barns of the early 1980s.

While you might denizens of late-night live music pubs might celebrate your ability not to spill a drop, Mustang Jerx live off the fact that they don't waste a note. The album's 10 songs of economical, guitar-fuelled fun.