Ned Monaro (guitar and vocals), Gav Monaro (bass and vocals) and the most talented family man Bogan Jack Monaro (smashing the drums and vocals): these guys know how to rock big time. Think Cosmic Psychos or Psychotic Turnbuckles.  Honestly, you could not ask for a better pedigree and, man, these tunes just keep coming, 

“Active Wear” and “The Man Who Wanked Himself To Death” just keep this CD rocking until the end.

“Bogan Rd”  was recorded at The Farmhouse Studio (not Dimboola) by Tim Edwards and The Monaros and the production is awesome. It just screams out of the speakers here at my Farmhouse.

You can catch The Monaros on the bill with the fabulous Grindhouse in February 2021 in Melbourne's most bogan suburb of Frankston. I, for one, will definitely travel the 500 odd kilometres to catch this gig, drink some bourbons and beer and forget how shit 2020 has been.

The Monaros’  “Bogan Rd” can sit proudly in any Australian punk or pub rock CD collection.

Well, that’s it from me - it’s fucking 35 degrees here and time for a beer and a jump in the river. Till the next time – goodbye, over and out.

five5 Beers please Barman, and keep them coming

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