There are five tracks on "Think About It" and they're each worth the price of admission. Hamdallah's raw guitar, soulful vocal and brash approach puts his music in the same vein as The Raunch Hands, John Schooley and Mark Sultan.

The title tune is the snarling garage-blues-country lead-off (and single) that works a treat. It's only topped on side one by "I Don't Mind", a roaring stomper. "Carry It Home" is sweetened by banjo and piano from JD Wilkes of the Legendary Shack Shakers.

Flip it over and you'll be confronted by a song of a very different breed: "Heartbreak" is bare-hands, minimalist country blues, smudges of accordion and handclaps sitting at the centre of its gypsy soul. "Take Me Back" is a matter-of-fact blues-rock strider with cantankerous guitar making a mark.


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