Benefits for Lime Spider Mick Blood after bashing


Needing to leave Queensland for a fresh start in March, Lime Spiders vocalist Mick Blood said a sad farewell to his beloved dog, Monty, and set off looking for a new home. After a torrid few months, Mick finally found a new home in Newcastle, NSW, and set about getting back into work and getting on with his life.

Within a few days of moving in, however, disaster struck when Mick was bashed unconscious at a local nightspot, leaving him with serious head injuries. He is now in hospital and requires a long period of treatment, recuperation and life re-building.

Mick faces an uphill battle in retaining his accommodation and is quickly coming to the end of his life-savings after all that he has been through this year. A benefit fund has been established to assist him and you can make a donation here.

The first of a couple of benefit shows will be held at at Mojo’s in Fremantle (WA) on July 30 with a lineup that includes: Ghetto Crystals, Smrts, The Painkillers, LEECHES!, Cavalier and Dan Tilly. Another is being organised in Brisbane and details will be posted here when available. 

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  • Guest - Lara Byrne & Vic Simic

    Shocking sad news to hear today about what has happened to this legend of the scene, and a thorough gentleman to boot. Old friends Lara and Vic urgently want to get in contact with Mick, Ged, or any of the Spiders, to offer our heartfelt live and support. Could someone please assist with cintact details ?

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  • Guest - HELP 4 MICK

    I heard he is also suffering financially. Can someone organise to sublet his apartment out so (i.e. get someone else in there renting it) he isn't wasting hundreds of $ per week with it empty. Can his ISP,Telco, Utility Co's etc be contacted and have them 'suspend' his charges due to hardship (they will do this for legitimate reasons. If they dont PLEASE name and shame the companies that wont assist-seriously lets slag em off if they dont assist). I live too far away otherwise I would do it for him. Hope to goodness he gets better.

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  • Guest - joe

    Lara and Vic, please email me I will do my best to put you into contact. Thanks Barman for putting this up

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  • I've sent Lara and Joe an email address.

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  • Sorry, Lara and Vic.

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  • Guest - Screamin Stevie

    Hi Craig,
    That's terrible news about Mick we can offer our services for the benifit gig in Bris if needed.I know Brian was in Micks band at one stage and knows him well.They seemed to have a close bond when I saw them reunite at a Lime Spiders gig we played.

    from Brisbane QLD, Australia
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  • Drop Astrid Navelgazer a line, Stevie.

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