big heartedUnless the Barman wishes to alter my remunerative package (i.e. I don’t get to wipe the glasses), I don’t tend to investigate the background of a performer. I prefer to let the songs speak. “Big Hearted Lovin’ Man” is a four-star CD, and if the music were more to my taste I’d be saying more.

Short review: Glistening golden guitar married to Dan Brodie’s transcendent voice is a match in heaven. Even better, Dan can write fine lyrics. Some leap out a little more than others; “Prescription Chemicals’”and “Lower Me Down” are particular favourites.

If we assume that Brodie’s lyrics are about himself (being more the personal and direct kind) then he’s lead one of those lives where your heart rules your head, which usually makes for astonishing stories, comedy and tragedy. All of which “Big Hearted Lovin’ Man” has in spades.

These are Brodie songs re-recorded with sparse arrangements in the studio over one day. I found myself slightly amused that the reprised version of “Too Much of You” at the end sounds like mid-‘90s Bad Seeds; and wonder whether Nick might consider a modern covers LP for his next move. There’s a few to choose from here; Brodie also does a wonderful cover of Spencer P. Jones’ “Missing”, adding a quality which Spencer somehow doesn’t quite go for in the original (which is equally brilliant, by the by).

If you’re wondering whether this isn’t a five star CD, not a four star, well you may be right. But I confess that, while Brodie’s cover of “100%” is fine, I lost all interest in Sonic Youth in 1989 when I saw them two nights in a row. Prior to that they’d had my attention. So, “Big Hearted Lovin’ Man” is either four or five stars.

Go get it here.