Beyond The Nether b/w Handy Round Here - The Nature Strip (China Pig)

nature-strip-singlePopular opinion is that powerpop is meant to be as easily consumed (most of it, anyway) as disposed of soon after. Bugger that.

Sydney's The Nature Strip throw out all sorts of odd twists to make these two songs an absorbing listen, a journey down an aural rabbit hole using a psychedelic road map. "Beyond The Nether" rattles along on an irresistible feel and a woven bed of synthesisers with Peter Marley and John Encarnacao (the core of the band) trading lead vocal. Guitars take a back seat for most of the way and it's a deliciously trippy ride. The B side is almost as engrossing with a deliberate, unwinding feel and guitar line, with surrealistic lyrics.






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