red desert rain

  • live in the forestLive at the Forest- The Rip Offs (Ladymann)
    Elektrosphincter - Geezergosis (self-released)
    Red Desert Rain  - The Systemaddicts (self-released)

    The Rip Offs are made of: Sarah, guitar & vocals; Hermann, bass and standing stillish; and Michael, drums and expressions.

    (The Barman wishes me to tell you that I know them all and love them dearly. Needless to say this CD wouldn't appear on here if I thought it were not up to snuff. Oh, and, erm. Probably adults only, OK?)

    I saw them at a recent gig at the Grace in Adelaide, supporting Fear and Loathing (1980- present); they're damned forceful and completely intoxicating. And - their two covers are bloody good.