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I-94 Bar Label CDs

Mick Medew

psychopharmacologist shop
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"Open Season"
Mick Medew & the Mesmerisers

open season shop
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Chris Masuak & the Viveiro Wave Riders

brujita shop
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"Address to the Nation"
Chris Masuak & the Viveiro Wave Riders

address to the nation shop
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Chris Masuak & The North 40

workhorse shop

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    I'm holdin the fabulous CHRIS MASUAK's "WORKHORSE"...
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH....I really appreciate your job EXPECIALLY receiving it signed by KLONDIKE!!!
    Please keep in touch informing about your news...

    Sincerely Alex & Gian Franco Giudici

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  • Guest - Mitchell

    How do I 'shop' for what I want, not what you suggest me to shop?
    Im after The Lipstick Killers CD 'Strange Flash'.
    Thanks, Mitchell

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  • Guest - Joseph Michalowski

    Any chance of getting a hold of a Mesmeriser's t /shirt from somewhere, any ideas ??? always appreciated 101%. Cheers

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