Best International release - here’s where I get to bend my own rules, Brother Johnny Casino and "Trade Winds". He’s been in Spain long enough now to be called an international artist, plus the record was released by Citadel and Euro labels, La Vila Nova Recordings, Beast Records and Folc Records. I was lucky enough to have heard this album before its release so I knew what was coming. Johnny’s best recording to date. His songwriting is outstanding and the players he had playing were superb.

Best new group - The Fangin Felines, consisting of seasoned rockers, Carrie, Morgana, Sarah and Binx. Top act with great songs to boot. Honourable mention to Shogun and the Sheets, I like what Tim is doing with his new group.

Favourite local group - Stiff Richards, young blokes doing old people music.

Favourite International group - The Scizophonics. Even though I got their releases last year they were still playing regularly on the turntable throughout this year. Thats enough to gain the gong.

Best venue - Without doubt its the Marrickville Bowlo. Tommy and Richard are doing a wonderful job down there, and the shows continually impress.

Best moment of the year - Cameron Smith getting sent off in front of me at Shark Park could rate as the moment of the decade, or even for the century. A truly wonderful experience to witness in the flesh.