6. Whose bright idea was it to build a multi billion dollar maze of tunnels under Sydney's Inner West with entrances barely above sea level.

Answer.  I have no answer.  Brain the size of a planet...

7. Is Britain committing societal suicide?

Answer: Short Answer yes.  Long answer: Replace Britain with the word England.

8. Why isn't Rupert Murdoch dead?

Answer.  Surely Jerry Hall was hoping for a quick kill.

9.  Why do grown men react so badly to a young woman who merely wants to try to save the world?

Answer.  Emasculated by impotency.

10.  Why is there no great rock and roll?

Answer: Shut your pie hole and go see Shonen Knife 

Bob Short plays guitar with The Light Brigade, UK goths Blood and Roses, Dead Rabids and was a member of Sydney's first punk band, Filth. He writes for the I-94 Bar when he feels like it.