Are You Ready To… - Squeeze the Pig (self released)

are you ready toHere's the theory: Inside every serious Aussie bluesman, prog artiste and serious muso type of an older demographic, there's a yob rocker waiting to break out and release his (or her) inner Thorpey. Turn it up to 11 and and yell: "Suck more piss!"

Some yob rockers do it with all the subtelty of a semi-trailer being driven through the wall of an outback diner, while others let their Sunbury freak flag fly with slightly more poise. That's where bands like Squeeze The Pig come in.   

"Are You Ready To..." is the second EP from Perth’s Squeeze The Pig and it’s a competent mix of Oz rock blues and ‘80s garage punk. Art rockers need not apply.  The band members’ ethos of fast bikes, cold beer and banging out four chords at the pub on a Saturday night is nowhere more apparent.

“On Ya Bike” is harmonica-powered blues-rock. Nothing more, nothing less. Vocalist Ian Laurie has that everyman sound to his pipes and the band is equal to the task. “The Band Is A Rockin’” mines the same vein and Steve Bee’s slide wraps itself around Peter Brown’s greasy blues harp. 

“Sonic Spacemen” is more garage-punkish with a massed chorus behind chunky chording. “Salt Flat Racer” is an ode to off-road riding that zooms along on the back of a nagging guitar figure, more "ahhhh-ahhhh" backing vocals and a tankful of energy. 

Covering “Shakin’ All Over” live might not be the most innovative step but it’s obviously a crowd favourite and Squeeze The Pig nails it. It’s recorded live and mastered loud. As we know it should be. 


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