A review of “Sex Punk Power” just about writes itself; it’s full of screaming vocals, power riffs , wonderful lead breaks and fucking strong songs.

“Ass Tonight" and "Something For You” open the album and just kick you in the balls. “Shit Together” is another awesome track with great vocals and a huge guitar riff. I love this tune.

“Farther On Bail”: has a distinct Ramones feel and is also, lyrically, a bit close to home for me. “Phone Sex” is a tune you can turn up or turn up further, depending on you wanting to piss your neighbours off or get the police knocking down the door. It’s a cracker.

“City High” has a real bouncey groove about it, as does “Teenage Heart”. The latter is the most poppy song on the album.

“Holden Goodbye” is where Shannon Cannon comes into her own on an AC/DC-inspired rocker. What a wonderful way to end what is, in my humble opinion, Grindhouse’s finest album yet.And take the tip – their live shows are something special to witness with raving helmets and dirty white underwear. If our country ever opens up again, make sure you catch this band live.
Take care, I-94 Barflies.  

fiveone - 6 BEERS Please Barman