Song two “Present” had the Tote shaking and every punter in the place singing as loud as they possibly could.  Kim’s bass on “Good On Ya Baby” just grooved, but the whole album was played with love and care, played to pay homage to two fallien members (Ian Rilen and Steve Cafeiro) with so much respect. The band members also put their own mark on it.

tote bill 40

Kim has huge boots to fill, as every X fan knows. I cannot think of a better, nicer or more talented  bass player to be Mr Lucas’ foil for these wonderful tunes. That's 14 songs played back to back and I would have been more than happy if the band called it a night. Shit, Steve's voice box must have been raw. But no, they keep playing more classics.

“Degenerate Boy”, Halfway Round The World:, Oxford Street Nick” and “TV Glue” had the Tote in a state of bliss, but by this stage I’m bloody hoarse from singing screaming to every tune. Then they play “Mother”, the John Lennon cover. I heard a story that Lobby Loyde really wanted the band to record this tune and with much resistance they finally agreed, and I’m so glad they did. Steve was born to sing this song and he makes it his own. That vocal power is on full display. Fuck Lennon (RIP) - give me Steve singing this. It’s a no fucking brainer.

So Barflies I can barely explain in words how much fun Saturday night was. Steve, Kim and Simon just blew me away - and this was not my virgin show. I’ve count of how many X gigs I’ve seen. But this was especially memorable.

Steve Lucas should be very proud how he’s keeping the X flag flying. These songs need to be played live. There were a lot of young people there (like my son and his mates) and seeing the next generation going off singing them must make Steve and Kim fell very proud. Until the next gig, Barflies, I’ll sign-off from The Farmhouse. Take care.