joy - The I-94 Bar

Joy Ride - The Seat Belts (Super Torque Records)

seatbeltsWhat is it about Michigan rock bands releasing debut albums 30 years after they were regularly working the live circuit? The Ramrods did it a few years back and The Seatbelts, now well and truly reformed, continue in the same vein. Contemporaries of the similarly non-prolific Sonic's Rendezvous Band, they've unleashed "Joy Ride" onto an unsuspecting public with rock and roll seemingly in its death throes. Maybe, just in the nick of time.

The Harrow - The Harrow (self released cassette)

the-harrowThis is an interesting, intriguing release for two reasons. First, it's only available in hard form as a fucking cassette, for fuck's sake. Second, if a three-synth arsenal doesn't faze you, you're going to be seriously interested.

I-94 Bar