cobras bloodComing out of Melbourne with long-player number two, Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two have come up with a great little album. It’s full of jangly guitar riffs, a huge drum sound and a fabulous bass player holding down its bottom end and keeping it as tight as a cat’s arsehole.

I’ll tell you now that they did not fuck around with the recording of “Cobra’s Blood”. It was all written by the band, recorded in two days (the 12th & 13th of March this year, to be precise) at the wonderful Sound Park Studios in little old Northcote. Mastered by Mikey Young, it's an album that grows and grows on you. Exactly as was intended.

“Napalm On The Street” kicks off in a rocking burst, all jangly, short and sharp driving riffs that will have you going pretty hard. It’s a great tune. “Sterilised” picks up where “Napalm” leaves off with more short ’n’ sharp guitar riffs, held together by a rolling bass and a big drum sound. There’s nothing new here but who fucking cares? It’s just another goddamn fine tune.

So to “Divvy Van”. What is a Divvy Van?, you might ask. Well, if you’re ignorant about the police (like I am) listen to this song. A couple of listens later and I’m sure you’ll get the idea about the good old Melbourne police. You might even be able to chant that old classic. Ill sing you a song. It won’t take long: “All coppers are ……”. You can fill in the blanks. Well done gentlemen, it’s a fabulous sing-a-long and I just love it.

Songs like “Pigs in Disguise” and “Neanderthal” just keep this album interesting and rocking. Yes, it’s more police bashing. Fucking fab! This band would have been shot dead if playing in Brisbane in the ‘70s. Fucking stone dead.

The title track is just old school vampire music chugging along with that wonderful drum sound. It just kicks out of the speakers. It’s songs like this that just keep me wanting to hear new music even if it’s old. I hope you understand what I mean.

It’s Monday morning here and the farm is rocking to “Snake Save Skin”, “Dancing in My Crypt” and “Rats In My Head”. These are just more of the good time garage rock that Kit Convict & The Terrible Two bring. One thing though, this band has a sound all of its own. There are no fill-in, crap songs that bore you fucking crazy, no ballads or country. Man, you gotta love that.

“Convict Blues” is a screaming, no holds barred walk down a riff-driven memory lane. It’s the best tune on the album for my money and should be getting major airplay on Triple Whatever. Just push play, you shithead DJs.

“Trouble Is Brewing” and “Debbie R.I.P.” finish this album the same way it started - with plain and simple, guitar driven rock ’n’ roll.

“Cobra’s Blood” is a very simple record with no frills and no bullshit (much like my writing) that should have most listeners of garage rock/punk very drunk and very happy after a couple of spins. Just like a cobra’s bite, it will get into your bloodstream.

From The Farm


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