king hitWoolgoolga is a town on the New South Wales North Coast, and Sons of Jaguar have been making quite a noise around the pubs of that wonderful part of Australia for the past year or so. "King Hit" is their debut album  recorded in two days and laden with some fine twin turbo guitar riffs, wonderful bass playing and drumming. 

This is one fine album.

So, I-94 Bar users and abusers, things kick off with a sonic fuzz blast in the guitar riff of "Park Beach" - and you just know things are about to get wild. "Dead Beat Dad" is a classic driving guitar song that is just awesome, and the break in the middle off this tune is just a groovy '60s sound. This song is worth the price of admission alone.

"Head Banger", "Pay The Price" and the title track are just great, driving Aussie pub songs that will keep the punters sweaty and the publican happily selling beers, when played live.

Sons of Jaguar have come together from various bands. Bass guitarist Joe Hansen is from Grinspoon, guitarist-vocalist Jason Thorncraft and vocalist Gary Maher were in the underrated King Pest. Rod Deighton (guitar) and Karl Johnson (drums) round out the ranks.

"All Bets Are Off" has a great bass sound that this tune is built around. The stand out for me is "Johnny Walker". This song has some heavy '60s guitar sound and a great lyric ("HEY NATHAN YOU FAG") that makes for a great rock 'n' roll/garage punk song devoid of political correctness.

This is a real solid album, Australian Pub Rock is alive and well in these hands. This is a band I would like to hear and see. This album is made to be played live in shitholes around Australia, everywhere.


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