lost talk LPHoly fucking god. WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT IS THIS?

Relentless, deafening, well-structured jabbing, poking scratching rock'n'roll. It's bestial. It's feral. “Symbol/Signal” is not remotely predictable. And it's not so much “these young people have something to say” as 


(Cue: multiple series of detonations). 

Amy's voice - I'm told she's something to behold on-stage - is so powerful, controlled and violent that one minute you swear your fillings have melted, and the next there's a flute glass being shoved in your ear. 

In fact, you can hear your eardrums protesting, shaking like 50 mosquitoes in a an old cough medicine bottle. Guess what? turning down the volume doesn't help either. Lost Talk are still intense, ravening for your attention like hot glue melting into your hand.

The bass is solid and the drums - and percussion FFS - are ferocious and belting. There's a shitload going on here. And the guitar. You don't want to know about the guitars. No, you don't. They're big and bastardly and very fucking wonderful. 

Ah, the hell with it. I can't write about this. I'm too busy reacting.

I got this big stupit grin all over my face. I can't believe it. I'm listening to "Symbol/ Signal" on LP on repeat. Oooooh fuck. Wait, Granma's nearby.

Turbonegro? Fuck Turbonegro. They had their chance. Sonic Youth? Sooooo last century. Lost Talk are gonna tear you a new one. 

Possibly several.

Fuck, Amy's voice just reset my IPhone to its original settings. 

If you want to lose all the info on your phone, buy the hot fucking pink vinyl here.

Even worse news is that they're coming your way soon. 

Grandad, pack the earplugs, get along and - take Grandma, she'll dance her big ol' bloomers off.



Fri Feb 23 - Melbourne - Old Bar -  
w/ Shovels, Synthetics, TBC

Fri March 2 - Sydney - Petersham Bowling Club - 
w/ Yes I’m Leaving, Thorax, Narrow Lands

Sat March 3 - Wollongong - Servo Food Truck Bar - 
w/ Los Pintar, TBC

Fri March 9 - Brisbane - The Bearded Lady - 
w/ Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side, Turnpike, Septic Tankers

Sat March 10 - Brisbane - The Haunt - 
w/ Piss Pain, Scaredy Snake, Soot

Sat March 17 - Adelaide  - The Metro - 
w/ Goon Wizarrd, Goon Bomb