trading aces cvrRock ‘n’ Roll Homicide – Trading Aces (Ripple Music)

Hello I-94 Barflies , it’s been a while but there’s a bit to talk about with The Farmhouse rocking to the sounds of  Trading Aces’ “Rock ‘n’ Roll Homicide”, and what a ripper this album is.

Trading Aces is a supergroup of well-known, and not so well-known, musicians coming from all over the world to pay homage to one, the late Eddie Van Halen, and, boy, does it rock. 

Frank Meyer of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs is joined by Dennis Post of City Kids (both on guitar and vocals) .Bjarne Paamand (Warrior Soul) is on bass and Ivan Tambac (also Warrior Soul) is on drums. They got together to make some tunes and express their grief at the loss of Eddie into some hard rock, metal, punk and pop.

The title track kick things off with some ball- to-the-wall rock and roll wailing. “Destination Insane” and “Ain’t It A Bitch” have some awesome riffs .”Beautiful Sunday” has a Cheap Trick kinda vibe with a screaming vocal . 

“Hello Hangover” is the tune that grabs this listener - what an awesome track. Check out the film-clip. It’s bloody good. 


“California Scheming” and “Napalm Bombs” are head- banging, foot-stomping masterclasses in how rock ‘n’ roll should be played. A cover “Dirty Love” (Frank Zappa) keeps up the foot stomping. I love the drumming on this tune - it jumps out of the speakers. Turn it up loud

“Social Disease”: What a tune this is. Down and dirty sounding and what a riff. It’s pure pub rock with a topuc h of punk. Man, I love this tune. 

Van Halen’s “A Simple Rhyme” ends this most wonderful album and it’s a perfect way to do so. So, Barflies, if you like your music loud, dirty and full of great riffs  ,fabulous lead breaks and sensational song-writing, vocals to match and, oh, a rhythm section to die for,  this just has to be in your collection . 

Well folks, good to catch up with all off you again. I’m off to work on a “Hello Hangover” of my own at The Farmhouse. Take care and drink responsibly, if possible (wink wink).


Six beers and a shot please Barman

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