loose-pills-epWhat's not to like about this debut EP from Sydney's best new "old" band? Members of The Pyramidiacs, the New Christs, The Scruffs, The Lemonheads, The Eastern Dark, Barbarellas and Orange Humble Band assembled in 2012?

Gigs were followed by a recording session. These four tracks of ragged and righteous powerpop are some of the fruits of that labour and live up to the collective curriculum vitae of the band members. The bouncy title track's an unashamed trip backwards to the '80s when hooks and melody counted and pitch correction was something only a baseball coach knew. Ryan Ellsmore's a master of the plaintive vocal and nails it on this one. A nicely obtuse tempo-changing guitar interlude by Matt Galvin lets the song cause for breath before diving back into the fray. Stu Wilson (drums) and Bill Gibson (bass) make a formidable engine room and come to the fore on "Fall From Grace", a more reserved but well rounded song with its antecedents in US college radio. "Girl From No. 9" is the nasty rocker, the feedback-laden stain on the coffee table. "Sister Groove" sounds like a Red Kross outtake. No bad thing and it does have a certain groove that works a treat. Some may find the stylistyic variety a drawback but i reckon it's all part of the charm (and EPs should showcase that.) Grab a copy from Bandcamp (physical copy and download) and look forward to the album.





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