honey beeHoney Bee b/w Ride The Iron Space Bird - The Neptune Power Federation (Speek Evil)

Combining live theatrics with high-energy and heaviness is just one facet of The Neptune Power Federation. The other is being able to twist on a stylistic dime and pivot into another direction. In case you don’t know, the Sydney band is populated by ex-members of Frenzal Rhomb and Nancy Vandal, and they bring all sorts of punk, metal and psych influences to the table.

The A side is sassy, bubblegum pop with Screaming Loz Sutch delivering a killer vocal. A nice edgy guitar solo from Troy Vod or Mike Foxall is the cream on top .Brilliant.

Flip it and you get what you might have expected on a Neptune Power Federation 45: Doom-tinged hard rock with Loz raging against the machine with the aid of a wailing chorus.

Production is by Jay Whalley at his Pet Food Factory Studio in Sydney's inner-west which is turning out some of the best-sounding music in this town. 

This is a companion bonus release to Volume 5 of "Speek Evil: An Illustrated Rock & Roll Periodical", a killer high-quality zine band member and resident visual artist Foxall produces that we’ll be reviewing soon. The limited Edition of 300 copies is only available with the magazine so you know what to do right here.

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