You're Not What I'm Looking For - Flowers for Jayne (Glowing Ember Records)

So what is it? "You're Not What I'm Looking For" is classic tough power pop with a dead-set groove you can light a fire with.

So. I know nothing about Flowers from Jayne except the name and the members have "form", as The Truth newspaper used to say of "colourful racing identities". Lead guitarist Jayne Murphy played in the Lime Spiders (presumably there are one or two similarly "colourful" stories to be told there), bass player Bill Gibson is a familiar figure from The Eastern Dark, and drummer Jess Ciampa can boast being in the Jeff Duff Band and Monsieur Camembert. 

These folks know what they're doing.

While the song was written by Jayne, the arrangement and production of this digital single was done by Jayne and Bob Spencer (whose guitar you may recall from Skyhooks, Rose Tattoo, the Choirboys and The Angels, among other outfits) partly at Zen Studios, and partly at Bob Spencer Music.

Well, that might explain the toughness. And Jayne growls out her lyrics so contemptuously, with such heavy disgust ... 

Now let me be clear
I was never a centrefold
Or maybe might have been
In the new world scene
A social media queen

So there I am, dear listener having a bit of a groove around the room, spilling me Stolli and lime in between choking with laughter at these lyrics when the neighbour comes in...

And we put the song on again and again. This is great fun. And such a big sound from a mere three-piece. Couple of nice hooks, too. Flowers for Jayne fill up the room. After the second play we're singing along: 

I hope they get better
The sooner the better
They can't wait
So much confusion on the silver screen

It's a bit full circle; 'You're Not What I'm Looking For' is an interesting, mature song - I was thinking about the subject of the song the other day - that so many of us feel like we have to fit a particular type, partly because that type is everywhere in the media we're suffused in. Yet ... that type is never real, and everyone seems confused by it. Some folks feel obliged to match it, others rage against its injustice and stupidity. Others feel dreadfully inadequate because they feel they can never match trajectories.

Get it on stream,iong services like Spotify or their LP "Dangerous Woman" here.

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