members of the professorsMother - Members of The Professors (self released)

You'd think that all the barrels had been scraped. It's not as if there hasn't been a pile of annotated double CD sets purporting to present a Nuggets-style reproduction of the punk/new wave, not-so-halcyon Australian sounds of the late ‘70s.

Okay, I know that Filth were recorded at the Adelaide University gig but I can only assume those tapes have vanished.

But other than that, what could be still out there?

I should have known something was up when late '70s inner-Sydney raised guitarist Bruce Tindale started posting gleeful pictures of yore on his Facebook page. This morning I was rudely awakened by a ding on my phone. The ding led to this.

And there it was. Denizens of this site (barflies) may remember a beaty little Sydney band called The Professors. Vocalist Steve Vineberg recently excavated some thundering Ramones inspired ditties and pressed them on to vinyl.

I remember going round to The Professors’ Surry Hills abode and witnessing the whole crew creating a ramshackle recording studio making use of the lavatory as a makeshift vocal booth. Apparently it had natural echo. I was greatly amazed by such technical wonderment way beyond the brain cells of my young punk self. These men were gods, existing on a higher plane beyond my base metal.

And now emerges this further wonder, from Tascam four-track cassette to your heart. A true representation of the time, credited to "Members of the Professors", the boys deliver a sterling Eddie and the Hot Rods-inspired track available for download.

If you don't buy it (cheap at twice the price), you should at least give it a listen. I grant it all the martinis for a rating.


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