living-and-lovingOnetime X howler Steve Lucas returns to the record store racks with a couple of seven-inch singles, this first one under his own name. If you’re hoping for “Hate City” you’re fresh outta luck.

“Living & Loving In The USA” is a double-headed ode to marital bliss that could have been called “Where We Went On Our Honeymoon”. It's the (true) story of two people eloping. Clean guitar, sweet backing vox from Mrs Lucas (aka the very rocking Joey Bedlam from Dollsquad) and all done without a hint of fuzz or distortion. It’s rocking mid-tempo pop with bongos, a hint of Tex-Mex and a great and heartfelt vocal from Mr Lucas.

You might guess from the title that “All That I Want (Is You)” is a love song and, yes, it’s also a world removed from “Oxford Street Nick”. Bruce Haymes’ swelling Hammond organ adds the icing to this wedding cake and the song’s sentiment is nicely pitched without being cloying. It’s a swaying piece of pop with a slight country undertone. Ain’t love (and the seven inch single format) grand? Grab in vinyl and/or download from the link below. 


Steve Lucas on Bandcamp