ron brown 2023

01 - L7 in Melbourne. 
This was a blast. Playing “Bricks Are Heavy” in full ,plus all those other wonderful tracks from the ‘90s. It’s number-one because it’s recent.

02 MONAROS – “Can’t Polish a Turd.
As good as it gets. What a bloody great record with songs like “Kareen”, “Best Cop In Town” and the awesome “Mum Washed Me Cum Sock”. It’s a no-brainer for the #2 slot.

rolling stones hackney diamonds
03 ROLLING STONES – “Hackney Diamonds”. 
The Stones’ first album of new tracks since 2005. This one is a cracker. The Rolling Stones doing what they do best - being themselves. “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” with Lady Gagaand Stevie Wonder is so good. Touring Oz in December 2024, I’ve heard, (fingers crossed).

04 CHRIS (KLONDIKE) MASUAK LIVE. Coming home to Australia, Klondike played nine shows to some very enthusiastic punters, and I was one of those for his Melbourne leg. One cold bloody night, it was, as Klondike tore through a blistering set of Radio Birdman, Hitmen, Screaming Tribesmen and solo tunes that had the room jumping . Chris also has the most entertaining book out (“Faith And Practice In Bedlam”). It’s a different kind of autobiography and I couldn’t put it down. 

Also one of Klondike’s Spanish bands, Los Revelators, have a four-track CD out called “Revelation”. I just adore this – it’s chockfull of good fun surf/pop rock n roll tunes. Go to Bandcamp for a copy. It’s rated it five beers and a shot.

05 TRADING ACES - "Rock and Roll Homicide". 
Trading Aces is one of many Frank Meyer (Streetwakin’ Cheetahs) bands that he has going. Shit, I’ve lost count how many bands this man has. Anyways, “Rock and Roll Homicide” is a ball tearing, twin guitar attack. If you like your Motorhead, you will love this album.

Look at those names. What a gig. What a night. Those songs. That Medew voice. Mick and Ursula doing their thing, blending keys with guitar and That Voice. Then, when things couldn’t get any better (and my friend Bushy will tell you), Dave and Clare with a full band were just incredible. They had a lead guitar player whose name I cannot remember (my apologies) was something to see and hear. Fucking brilliant night was had by one and all, even if my good self was not at his best that night.

07 HIGHWAY 61 – “Driving South”. 
It’s another Frank Meyer band but this one is kind of special; it’s one of his first bands and it took 30 years to get these musicians back together in one place to get these rocking blues tracks on tape. It was worth the wait.

08 ALICE COOPER “Killer” and “School’s Out” re-issues.
It’s the Alice Cooper Group – yes, the originals Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Glen Buxton and Alice Copper. These two classic albums each have a bonus album of demo, live and outtakes. Now, for me, this is the Alice Cooper Group that I grew up loving.

09 HANOI ROCKS – “Oriental Beat”. 
Hanoi Rocks were playing dirty, sleazy rock ‘n’ roll way before Gun ‘n’ Roses or Motley Crue. They took their sound from Thunders and the Dolls, added some saxophone and Finland glam and headed to England to record this, their second album. The hated the mix so here we have the 40TH anniversary version - The REAL MIX by Hanoi Rocks themselves, and it sounds so much cleaner. It’s definitely a louder mix and the song order has changed. That took some time getting used to after listening to the muddy original record in my possession. The only disappointment is that there’s no second album of live tracks.

Bungalow Rock is alive and well in the suburbs of Melbourne and Ronny Dap (yes, that Dap of the much-loved Dope Smoking Morons) got his old band, the legendary SSD of Queensland fame, back together. It seems Rick Ruin and Dap had a few tunes that need to be recorded so after much wave file sharing and beer drinking, these wonderful songs are available on Bandcamp. It’s dirt cheap.

Well I-94 Barflies, it’s been an interesting year full of ups and downs, so I’m going into the New Year with fingers fucking crossed that I will be doing my 2024 Top Ten from the Farmhouse here in Dimboola, Victoria, as the land is up for sale. Anyway, don’t drink responsibly, eat as much as you like, have a Merry Christmas and a Rock ‘n’ Roll New Year. I already have Cosmic Psychos and Cheap Trick tickets booked.

See ya around, Barflies.

From The Farmhouse ( and a special Merry Christmas to my favourite Barman.)