jd stayfree

MY YEAR'S END TOP TEN or maybe more, I never said I was any good at math. -JD Stayfree

1.) Dan Denton is published byPunk Hostage Press. 

2.)  Iris Berry also of Punk Hostage Press.
3.)  My favorite band. THINK: The Doors, the Ultras, the Comatones, the Nymphs...they got a lotta swirly dark magic in all their moonlit songs.

4.)  Chamber Strings wrote one of my all-time fave Christmas songs, but man...Kevin Junior had a way....

5.)  Weirdly hypnotic and strangely addictive. Bless their souls. 

6.)  Murkkkan are so propagandized, they BEG to be fuckedover some more by creepy genocidal billionaires and big business shareholders. I can't help them, they're sadly fucked. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!

7.) My favorite lyricist besides maybe ya know Leonard Cohen, Paul K and Kris Kristofferson...
8.)  He was one of my only real friends. I miss him so much.

“Haunt” by Paul K and the Weathermen

9.)  When I got my sleazy basement band together in the ‘80s , we were promptly banned from the town's two heavy metal holes because of our refusal to play Bon Jovi and Europe covers. We had some greasy kid protest punk songs with trite sub Dead Kennedys lyrics about raging against the suburban high school dress codes and wrestling team ultra violence with titles like, ha, "Victims Of The System". 'A spaghetti Western tune about wanting to flee to an abandoned western town and form our own commune called, "Death Valley Days."

We initially played covers-the Cramps’ "Garbage Man", Gun Club’s "For The Love Of Ivy", Alice Cooper’s "Is It My Body". We liked some of the hard rock in bandannas, but mostly, the Southern Death Cult, Tex & The Horseheads, Little Kings, and Lords Of The New Church.

One big city band we always felt a special kinsmanship with was the Hangmen. Somehow, they fought through the spandex years and grunge, and still have a cult following all over the world. They have the stuff o' greatness. 

10.)  Junkyard were another band of mangey misfits my beautiful but sadly dead bassplayer Bobby Cloyd got us into. They sang about life in Hollywood and that's where we wanted to go, to escape the evil Arby's parking lot bullies and typical midwestern males who hassled me non stop for my Alien Sex Fiend pancake makeup and for attracting some gorgeous blonde bombshells from the other side of the tracks.

We used to drink on the actual railroad tracks in between the golf course and the cemetery, listen to our heavy metal cassettes on a ghetto blaster with a broken speaker. I reached out to summa the old punk n metal dudes this autumn, but they had all kinda changed, grown up, assimilated, gone straight, joined the army. Not me, man. I'm signed on for life.

11.)  The Snatches Of Pink reunited and jammed on a bunch of exquisite Clash covers this year. They have always been one of the real jewels of the Murkkkan underground. Their singer Michael Rank is talented at everything-poetry, ballet, loud guitar. He makes simmering hot white funk and soul records. He makes belligerent seventies style rocknroll. Andy McCoy played on one of his early albums. I just love him, he is for sure my soul brother. We share a lotta love for the Jacobites, Prince, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, we're both fathers raising kids in these tumultuous times. We are strangely connected by some invisible electrical currents. He's somebody who I can always feel. You should look for that Snatches Of Pink reunion concert on the YouTtube. He has always been fantastic, in style or not.
12.)  Tammy Faye Starlight: Every little thing she does is magic! 

13.) This guy is my favorite modern-day rockstar. We could be related. All his stuff resonates with me. he's about to release a new record that is absolutely epic. Wait for it.


14.) This cat Rev Paul S Cunningham is one badass motherfucker. Reminds me of my dead friend Tattoo Mark, Doc Holiday and Bobby Durango, early Axl Rose. And me. I love him.

15.)  Kings of The Wasteland!

16.)  I'm very new wave, I never got over any of it. part of me is still back on that couch listening to Nik Kershaw with that Psychedelic Furs chick in ‘83.
17.)  The greatest live band in the world changed my life. I tried to take a little bit of their stardust back to the midwest one time, but those silly, deluded fools still weren't ready. I forgive them. Thank you, Fleshtones, Thank You! 
18.)  I had the same dream last night...everybody was there...
19.)  Ain't got a band no more, but I just keep writing songs almost against my will, just in case my luck ever changes.