celia curtis 2021 sandra kingstonAt the MoshPit Bar in Sydney. Sandra Kingston photo 

Celia Curtis’ Top Ten-ish of 2021 (in no particular order)

Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders - “...there’s pretty things in Palookaville...” Album.
Sixteen songs from the Punk/ Country/ Blues/ Rock’n’roll master craftsman. Pat Todd is the real deal! Sure, it’s not as instantaneously enthralling as 2008’s “Holdin’ on to Troubles Hand”; But seriously, SHOW ME AN ALBUM THAT IS? “..pretty things” grows on you like a stubborn fungus.

Literally anything Pat does in a year is Top 10 worthy. Luckily he put this record out so I didn’t have to rate one of his turds. (Which would have been good shit by the way).

Some Jerks - “Summertime Funtime”.
What a fun-filled album from Brisbane’s garage surf/pop trio. As soon as the first track “Cards” starts, you just have to jiggle your floppy bits. “Summertime Funtime” is a great song. Victoria Watson has a fantastic voice. Every track is a winner! If you like this but love Satan: check out their surf version of Slayer’s “Raining Blood“ on Strange Ways (2016).

The On and Ons - “Back for More” album.
Warning: Don your PPE, you will be exposed to Contagious Power-Pop!  I won’t list my favourite songs or I’ll end up listing every track! More Hooks than a Pirate Party!

(*Dream gig: The On & Ons + Some Jerks at the Marrickville Bowlo, Post COVID apocalypse, 2022. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge guys*)

Smitty & B. Goode, 7” single: “PAIN”
As catchy as Omicron! An exciting rock’n’roll garage pop offering from one of my favourite Sydney bands!

The Vee Bees - “21 Can Salute” (Best of) CD, put out by Slut Records (France)
Talk about bang for your buck. $10 for 28 songs. That’s like.... 35c per song! A few previously unreleased delights on there too. Did you know they once recorded a Johnny Cash cover? Neither did I.... “Goulburn Prison Blues”.

The Veebees’ “How’s Get Fucked Sound” video clip
Comprised of fans’ amateur iPhone video recordings, (although in the case of @Jennifer Reid and @Dale Trueman, bloody professional iPhone videos) and edited together tirelessly by Norro, the super stud. Hilarious!

The Meatbeaters 7”, “Broken man/Live Hard.”
Adelaide’s pride of the piss heads and Snowtown’s answer to Motörhead released this golden nugget this year. See them live ...and hold on to your balls!

JUPITER 5 - “H-Bomb”/”Supersonic Hero” 7”
Fantastic Garage-rockin’ super group to boot! This superb offering will rock your socks off! I was stoked to do a guest scream in the intro to “H Bomb” and they even paid me in Coopers!

Jupiter 5 and Thee Cha Cha Chas live at the Golden Barley, Sydney, June 2021.
Great bands, great pub, great people, great fun. If I could turn back time...I’d attend that gig again!

j5 barleyJupiter 5 at the Golden Barley

Cosmic Psychos, “Mountain of Piss” LP
They’re still doing what they do best, gettin’ pissed and rockin’ their balls off. With corkers such as “Dunny Seat”, “Sin Bin” and Mad Macca’s Carter/Cash-made-Canberran Cover, “Dickson”.

GRINDHOUSE- “Sex Punk Power” Album
just how we like ‘em. Now with Neilo + Shannon Cannon! Sounds like sexy, sweaty rock’n’roll; smells like kebabs! Can’t wait to get down to Snake Valley to see them live again.

Thee Escapes’ highly anticipated 7” “Defective World”.
The shambolic garage trio never disappoint. Favourite song: “Don’t”.  Try listening to this 7” without smiling. I DARE YOU!

BEST GIG/ Most Crazed fan moment: Not The The Johnnys on a Sunday at the Link & Pin in Woy Woy
An amazing set by the kings of Cowpunk. After about 20 beers I managed to head-butt Hoody’s Bass (as he was mid pot-plant straddle) and the claret flowed! Mad fun and a great crowd. Multiple sickies were pulled the following Monday.

*Honourable mention:
My cat, Fat Boy. Shout out to the local legend of Lockdown!

Sydney's Ceilia Curtis makes dinosaurs for a day-job and fronts swampy garage duo White Knuckle Fever.