Redline EPRedline EP – Sweet Justice (Eternal Music Group)

Hello Barflies! Well folks, The Farmhouse has been rocking these past few weeks. Los Angeles’ Sweet Justice have released the follow-up to their debut album - and it's only taken 18 years.

Why so long? Well, these boys are always busy, what with their other band the fabulous Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (among other projects) keeping these fine musicians very busy.

Sweet Justice is a three-piece band featuring Frank Meyer (guitar and vocals), Bruce Duff (bad ass bass) and Mike Sessa on the skins (replacing original drummer Chris Markwood.) What as pedigree these blokes have. having worked with James Williamson (Iggy & the Stooges), Eddie Spaghetti, Jeff Dahl, ADZ and Wayne Kramer (MC5).  So you know this ain’t no garbage or garage band I’m talking about.

“Redline” is eight tracks of the most wonderful bluesy rock I’ve heard in a while and it is way heavier than their first self-titled album.

The title track leads off and it kicks those speakers hard – it’s a full-on boogie stomping song that is infectious. “Sunny Days” is a blues song with some great bass-lines (play along you will see and feel it).

 “Tell The Preacher” is one swampy rock, heavy-as-a-motherfucker tune that has some off the best-story telling around. It’s a Frank Meyer classic and if I had to pick a single, this would be it.

“I Get More” a fabulous drum sound that kinda reminds me of Slade; it’s not a copy or anything, but if Slade played the blues I reckon it would sound like this. “Medicine Show” is another blues-meet-pop song. This is a mighty fine tune and once again the storytelling and songwriting that paints a story. It also kicks arse.

“Aww Shucks” -  what a riff this tune has. “Gotta Get That Money” is a headbanging, foot stomping masterpiece; play it as loud as humanity will allow and reinforce your floor boards. “Feeling Fine” rounds out this most wonderful EP and leaves you wanting more tunes to bounce around to.

So Barflies I cannot say enough good things about this modern take on a music that’s been around since forever and still resonates in 2021. Let’s hope and pray if that it ain’t 18 years before the next album. You can find “Redline” on all good steaming services. The band is hopeful for a CD or vinyl release sooner rather than later.