marcus top ten 2023Photo by Alex from The Underground Stage. 

top tenI've decided to go with my Top 10 Concerts of 2023 since there were so many great ones! In chronological order...
1. TURNSTILE at The Enmore Theatre (Syd) - Feb 16:
After getting heavily into their latest album, 'Glow On' (A unique mix of NYC style crossover Thrash Metal and Dream Pop), I was extremely excited to see them live. The hype around this band at the time was palpable and they did not disappoint. Blood pumping guitar riffage, delay soaked vocals and absolutely insane drumming, they put on one of the most intense performances I've ever seen, ripper show! Highlights included "Don't Play", "Holiday" and "Drop".
2. Battlesnake at The Duke Of Enmore (Syd) - Feb 25:
My band, Starcrazy had the honour of opening for Battlesnake on this night. The night was dubbed, "Cock 'N' Roll" as it coincided with Mardi Gras celebrations, I'll never forget the inflatable cartoon penises floating around the room. Battlesnake were headlining and in fine form... I would describe them as Fantasy Metal. Elements of Judas Priest, DIO and Queen mixed with video game music. The two guitarists are absolutely insane, dual solos are a highlight of the show. Pyrotechnics, matching white robes worn by all the band members, very prog-rock but tongue in cheek, just a great time!
blake solo
3. Blake Cateris at 'Sin Or Swim Fest' (Syd Harbour) - March 13:
Blake is one of my closest friends who I've had the pleasure of knowing and performing with since we were both in early high school. Watching his journey from bassist extraordinaire to singer/songwriter extraordinaire has been inspiring. This particular show was special as he performed acoustically on top of a massive boat cruising around Sydney Harbour. The weather was perfect and he played a super engaging set to (literally) a boatload of punters who loved every second. Blake's songs I would describe as folk punk, with super witty lyrics and fantastic vocal hooks that cut like a knife. I love what this bloke does and I would never pass on an opportunity to see him perform live. Highlights included "Concentrate" "Melrose & Venice Beach" and "Tattoos" (a Frank Turner cover.)
4. Jane's Addiction at The Hordern Pavilion (Syd) - April 18:
One of my favourite bands of ALL TIME ! I'd seen them once at Soundwave Festival as a kid years back, but this time they had OG bassist, Eric Avery in the band (Though no Dave Navarro unfort). Perry Farrell is a naturally charismatic performer and his voice was sounding great, they tore through all the classics such as "Mountain Song", "Three Days" and "Been Caught Stealing". I was loving every second, went into trance for a few moments and a few tearful moments particularly during "Jane Says".... their replacement guitarist did an excellent job, what a band...Highlights included "Stop!", "Mountain Song" and "Jane Says".
5. WELL? at Hamilton Station Hotel (Newcastle) - May 27:
This band have their own unique style of prog-rock which at times, harks back to bands like RUSH and Zeppelin but also draws from '90s Alternative Metal and even modern Hip Hop/Dream Pop production styles. As a live act, they're one of the top bands in the country with an extremely exciting and engaging stage show to go with their complex music. I love bands that are technically proficient but still FUN and WELL? is a perfect example of this ! 
This performance was monumental as they were launching their debut EP, "Pray//Obey" (a masterpiece in its own right). Their stagecraft is unparalleled and lead singer, India, captivated the audience like Stevie Nicks in her prime. Taylan on guitar shreds with the best of them, Andy was playing bass, keys, laptop AND singing backing vocals and Duncan on drums is an absolute beast and always a marvel to watch. They performed all the songs from the EP and more including a stellar, heartfelt cover of Jeff Buckley's song, "Grace" to a packed out venue. It really was a special night... Highlights included "Calling Your Name", "Atom Bomb" and "Grace".
6. Southern River Band at The Vanguard (Syd) - June 8:
Named after their hometown of the same name in Perth, this band play straight up Rock 'N' Roll and they do it so damn well; a perfect mix of Rose Tattoo, Status Quo, Van Halen and Thin Lizzy... On this particular night they were touring their new single, "The Streets Don't Lie" a song about some questionable characters that singer, Cal Kramer has come in contact with back in Southern River. Cal is one of the most charismatic singers I've seen on the local circuit and plays lead guitar like a demon. The band put on a blistering performance and though I've seen them play on bigger stages opening for the likes of The Darkness and Eagles Of Death Metal, there was something special about seeing them on a smaller stage headlining their own show to a crowd of loose units, top night! Highlights included "Chimney", "Second Best" and "Do You Miss Me?"
7. LIZZO at Qudos Bank Arena (Syd) - July 24:
Lizzo is one of my favourite artists in the modern pop realm, her songs are so much fun and she has a positive message in her music which is super inspiring...Her stage show was INSANE, her band, the dancers, lights etc and her overall energy and what she put into her performance was world class. She took the time to interact with her young fans in the audience which was super cute.  Highlights included her songs, "Rumours", "The Sign" and "Everybody's Gay".
8. Ghost at Qudos Bank Arena (Syd) - Oct 3:
This Swedish band is a force of nature ! Ranging from Black Metal to Classic Rock, their sound spans all genres of heavy music, at the same time they have a style of their own. The stage show is reminiscent of Alice Cooper's level of theatrics, with the ambiguity of Slipknot. The sound was mixed so well at this concert, huge riffage with ABBA style vocal harmonies, what's not to like?  Highlights included "Rats", "Mummy Dust" and "Kaiserion".
 got back
9. Paul McCartney at Allianz Stadium (Syd) - Oct 27:
Seeing (arguably) the best Beatle is obviously a bucket list moment...The man is legend, so gracious and passionate about what he does, he performed a huge range of songs spanning his entire career in music with a world class band behind him. Though he can't hit all the notes he used to as a younger man, his voice sounded pretty damn good! Highlights included "Got To Get You Into My Life", "Maybe I'm Amazed" and "Blackbird".
10. SPARKS at Sydney Opera House (Syd) - Oct 31:
I've been obsessed with Sparks since I was 17...Seeing Russell and Ron Mael in the flesh at such a beautiful venue was surreal! Their performance was highly engaging, they have a unique songwriting style that's as emotionally powerful as it is lyrically comedic in the most clever way. My only gripe was that they didn't perform more of their '70s songs, but with a career spanning five decades and 26 albums, it's understandable...Highlights included "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us", "Bon Voyage" and "Angst In My Pants".
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