doc at the deskThat Mr Barman fellow, of I-94 Bar notoriety, has graciously once again asked me to pen a brief diatribe on the music I heard this year that breached my inherent tinnitus (this being a persistent “ringing” that originates in the ear rather than in the environment.)

The noise heard by people with tinnitus may be a buzzing, ringing, roaring, whistling, or even a hissing sound and is often associated with hearing loss.

As I'm a fellow of balanced research, and YouTube had offered a viewing of their "2017 Rewind" collection. I felt it important to have a listen to the Boobtube wares in case it informed me of important musical/cultural creations that I had possibly missed over the past 12 months...

Lo and behold it did !! Instantly I discovered that the roaring, buzzing, whistling or hissing of tinnitus can INDEED originate in the environment, contrary to what was taught during my medical schooling. What's more, that the associated hearing loss was a relief !!

Fortunately, the remedy was simple. I turned the bastard off and wondered what parallel universe of musical endeavour had led to my sudden selective deafness as it righted itself.

So, as usual, I shall make an opinionated mention of songs/releases/bands that crossed my bows during the stated period, though the pushing of record buttons, mixing and the mastering may have occurred a little before. To me, the release was when I got my sticky hands on the product, played said product and was then taken by the throat....

Seemed a bit that 2017 has been more a year of nostalgia and resurrecting the dead, some to my great pleasure, some for the quick buck, and some that just gave that ear hissing more than any great leaps forward, 'though I must say that Sydney and Perth's Psych and Psych Garage Scenes seem ahead of the game just now. Not my total fave musical genre, but the goals are truly being kicked and I like it . Onwards:

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard: (Said to have been releasing 5 albums this year, seen 4, must check with Professor Rhino) Listen to "Rattlesnake" Some strange tunings there.

Straight Arrows - "Don't Call My Name" from "Rising".

Pond from Perth: The title track from their 2017 release "The Weather".

Green Buzzard: Sydney band, watch em. Try their EP "Space Man Rodeo".


Loki Lockwood from Spooky Records has booted my backside by sending me a number of his label’s fine releases of recent:

Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side - “Magnetic Island”:  The band's a part of those NOT very gentle chaps from 6 Foot Hick. Try “Regret it”.

Harry Howard - NDE - “Sleepless Girls”. (Sibling of the Royal Howard household of Rowland S' and Angela) And my ghost!! Dave Graney on bass with Dave's missus Clare Moore on sticks and skins. The opening track, “The Only One” is killer.

Sungod Replica - “Grandular Fever” ( Link McLennan, ex singer, songwriter and guitarist for The Meanies) Track one, “Blow your Mind”, gets my vote.


Tex Napalm & Dimi Dero's "Partly Animals": "All Too Much" may be my #1 song of '17'.

Kevin Borich - "TOTEM": Given to me by a well known Australian band's drummer, who played on about 2/3 of the tunes; a broad brush of songs, Track 1 ”Hang On” is nuts.

Steve Wernicke Band “Love is a Gamble”: My mate Rolfe plays one of my Gretsch's on this record.(And gave back with his fabulous artwork on it's face.) Heartfelt songwriting.

Badass Mother Fuzzers from Toulouse in France. Playing with em' there next June. Great songs always makes me keen. Try “Heartbreaker” on French label  I must add the French bands, The Denyals and Soucoupes Violentes. French Indie music is real.


I also saw some outfits PLAY shows, that I lack releases from, but most certainly deserve a mention in dispatches. (Go see shows, buy CD's and merch, drink, clap & say hello.)

DATURA4: Dom Mariani and Greg Hitchcock, nuff' said . Get their latest work. "Hairy Mountain".

Frank Sultana & his Sinister Kids: A Sydney veteran surrounded by youth that PLAY ! Have a listen to their recent single, 'Walk Away' on Youtube (P.S. It wasn't on 'REWIND')

Dallas Frasca: Melbourne girl and powerhouse singer/player. Been around the block. Writes and performs with guitarist Jeff Curran. I was MC'ing a Manning Bar show in Sydney where “Venom’” ( The KILLER drummer Dave, ex-Nick Barker etc.) with Jeff and Dallas, sans bassplayer, ruled. I repeat, RULED. Get the recent EP “Dirt Buzz”.

There are more, there is much ALWAYS more, but Mr Barman asked for '#10 ' and I am about to hit my writing hand with a clawhammer to stop at '#14'. WHACK !!!!