darren birch 2020DARREN BIRCH
Bass player for Black Bombers and former member of Gunfire Dance, Brian James Gang, Walter Lure and The Godfathers
Birmingham, UK

It's been a funny old year! I managed to play one gig before the world shut down and didn't get to see any. From the beginning of March, I couldn't leave the house for 15 weeks so books and music became my friends....

My Top 10 for 2020:

1.) “Sing Backwards and Weep” by Mark Lanegan. His autobiography.

2.) “The War is Never Over” by Nick Soulsby. A book and companion piece to the Lydia Lunch documentary of the same name.

3.) “Just A Shot Away. 1969 Revisisted” Volumes 1 and 2 books by Kris Needs.

4.) “Diminished Responsibility: My Life as a UK Sub and Other Strange Stoies” (book) by Alvin Gibbs

5.) “Goose Lake”- The Stooges (album)

6.) “On Parole” - Motorhead (album)

7.) “Needle Time” - Warsaw Pakt (album)

8.) “Pop Crimes”/”Teenage Snuff Film” - Rowland S Howard (albums)

9.) “Feed the Dog”- Bored! (7" single)

10.) Last but not least...once let out in the summer we managed to record a new Black Bombers single. Our first with new guitar player (and fellow ex- G######er) Steve Crittall. It’s sounding great and will be out in the New Year!