Owners of Outtaspace Records
Co-owners of Link and Pin live venue
Central Coast, NSW Australia

Hiss & Crackle Records, Wallsend
Old-school record shop with an owner who knows what you wanna hear before you’ve heard it; limited-edition local releases, live in stores and shitloads of support for non-mainstream artists.

Celia Curtis’s (White Knuckle Fever, Stone Cold Fox) highly entertaining live stream and Facebook performances
They kept us Covid-sane.

Tequila-based beer.
For when you’re torn between a frothy and and a marg, and Umina BWS shuts at 8pm on a Sunday.

Thee Cha Cha Chas and Fuzztoon Studios
They released a spookily prophetic 7” (‘It’s Coming After You’), always smiling despite hardcore Melbourne lockdown. And Lluis’s prolific art kicked 2020’s arse.

Monday Night Gunk
Reminded us of Countdown and showed us that a live stream can be so much more than a band in a room.

outtaspace records

Newtown record shops that pay upfront for records
Thanks for your support.

Mayfield Bowlo in Newcastle, NSW
A venue that looks after bands and punters (despite banning The BotBots for life). Free entry, cheap piss and tidy guarantees.

Old Canberra Inn, ACT.
Props for hosting Punknats 4 amid the recent bushfire crisis and committing to Punknats 5. It’s been postponed but will go ahead sometime in 2022 — something to look forward to!

Link and Pin licensed cafe/live music venue, Woy Woy
We teamed up with fellow Coastie and rock’n’roll tragic Mark Fraser ( and Vi-Nil Records) to buy an established, eclectic cafe opposite Woy Woy train station just before Christmas 2020. The plan is to provide a cool community hangout and a space for local musos and bands to play, as well as a halfway point for touring bands between Sydney and Newcastle.

We are focused on non-mainstream, indie, punk, garage and original artists rather than cover bands — because the latter is the only kind of band that gets a run up here... until now! We’ve already had The Leftards, Blackie, Space Boozzies, 2/3 of The Johnnys + Kane Dyson + Matt Brown, and The Bleeding Caterpillars play at our venue in a safe way, and have a full diary in January with The Dunhill Blues, The Smart Folk, East Coast Low and Jupiter 5, among others.

We’ve had incredible support from the musos we know on the Central Coast, and the ones we don’t, and the customers love what we are doing — we’re also looking at selling records by both our labels, plus anything else we can stock vinyl-wise (a shipment from Spanish label FOLC and Los Chicos will be on the shelves in a matter of days). Great coffee and food, too! We’d love to see ya!