vince 2021

Greetings Rockers and Goomers! It’s the end of another weird year. How many is that now?

Here are my Top Ten releases - mostly Australian artists - and venues, in no particular order of preference. Not all were released in 2021 - but close enough. These releases and venues kept me sane in 2021.Merry Xmas and a free and Happy New Year!

1. Plastic Section.-"Twisted"

2. The Fadeaways - "Bad Dreams" 7 E.P.

3. Starcrazy.- "Played for Suckers" single

4. Vibrajets.-"Gold Foil Fever "EP

5. Hard Ons.-"Sorry Sir, That Rff's Been Taken" album

6. Sonny Vincent - "Snakepit Therapy"album

7. Quick Sixes - "Swamped" album

8. Thee Cha Cha Chas.- "It's Coming After You" (7”EP)

9. Frankies Pizza, (venue)

10. Link and Pin, Woy Woy (venue)

Honourable mentions - The Golden Barley Hotel, The Moshpit Bar (both venues in Sydney), Big Daddy K of 2RRR FM (not a venue but an institution) and "Strange Flash", the Lipstick Killers compilation.