alan k

  • cbgb yearsCBGB is, of course, no more. It’s a designer clothing store run by Detroit old boy John Varvatos. 

    At this point, permit me a personal aside.

    No matter how many times the new owner’s rock and roll cred and commitment to “tastefully” preserving elements of the old club on The Bowery are thrown at me, I can’t come to terms with this particular march of progress. 

    My own CBGB experiences may have only been as a beer-swilling tourist living vicariously through the sounds of those on-stage, but turning a rock and roll hovel into a shop selling $300 T-shirts will only get you so far. 

  • new toys cdSay It - New Toys (13th Street Records)

    The years 1979-82 were stellar for power-pop, with many pundits looking back with a great deal of affection for bands such as The Knack, the Romantics, Nick Lowe, Greg Kihn, Dwight Twilley and so on.All giants of the genre, with lesser-known acts such as the Shoes, the Records, 20/20and The Beat also holding their place amongst power pop fans.

    Yet there was one band from New York City on par with any of them: New Toys.

    New Toys released one album of stupendous, melodic power pop called “Say It” in 1982. Long out of print, it was recently re-issued by 13th Street Records with all songs restored, remixed, and remastered from the original multi-track tapes.