iceage productions

  • drone warfare"Drone Warfare" (Iceage Productions)

    Which is the band and which is the title? No idea. Doesn't matter, either.

    Actually, the EP-thing is four tracks by four different Melbourne artists. The Bandcamp page says so, so it must be true. But none of the artists' names appear, which reminds me a little of the fake dance LP by the Silicon Teens (aka Daniel Miller of Mute Records fame). So, is this another bunch of guises behind which the head honcho of Iceage lurks? 

    I have no idea, and it simply doesn't matter.

    Just quickly, you can't really dance to this, not unless you're out of it. You shouldn't try. Shove the volume up and lie on the floor and you'll be taken away to somewhere entirely different. 

  • alive iceageAlive 2023 - Golden Oak (Iceage Productions)

    As you probably know, the Australian Iceage label is known for extraordinary experimental, electronic, drone, industrial and general fist-in-your-sleepy-face noise.

    On the other hand, Golden Oak is known for its cheap, usually cask-borne, wines and fortified wines. Golden Oak is beloved of... well, I won't say it, but you know who I'm talking about.

    One assumes that, by choosing the band name, there is a droll (if not perverse) joke afoot.

  • beast bones singleDon't listen to Beast Bones if you have a hangover. Genuinely disturbing, eerie and quite quease-making, "You Will Not Be Spared" comes from Aussie label  Iceage Productions (who brought you the mighty Monolith... what? you must have this CD. No? Get on it), and a slew of other underground musics which can be found here.

    Over the years Iceage has released "music by Arthur Cantrill, Primitive Calculators, Robin Fox, Bonnie Mercer, Ollie Olsen, Ernie Althoff, Mad Nanna, Shane Fahey, Matthew Brown and Sean Baxter amongst others"; and describe their label as "specialising in electronic, experimental, noise, drone and industrial music from all over the globe" - which I suppose is true enough.