indie sounds from the cenny coast

  • indie sounds centralIndie Sounds From The Cenny Coast - Various Artists (Vinil Records)

    A lot of people try before they buy physical CDs or vinyl, whether it be via streaming or the ubiquitous Bandcamp website. 

    Fair enough, too; If the various post offices around the globe are going to ream you and make you take out a second mortgage just to have something shipped across international borders in a padded envelope, you wanna be sure it’s music that’s worth playing more than once. 

    Unless you’re one of those vinyl-fixated numb-nuts that buys every coloured variant of the latest release and photographs the sealed copies on a custom-built shelving unit for other fools to admire on Insta, you probably care more about the music than the medium.

    Just remember, they’re records not vinyls, and that we’re here to help.