• pil box budgetIn one way, every box here rates five bottles. They’re essential; if not for the music, then the history and their place in it. In another … every box rates between four and five bottles.  Why?

    Well, all but two of the PiL albums represented here were patchy. One of those unpleasant truths we must all know (another is the knowledge that some our (many) rock ’n’ roll heroes have been anything but loveable rascals, but thugs of considerable degree who richly deserve four walls and a small barred door with the occasional beating…)

  • Who woulda thought? More than two decades after its fade from relevance and with a lengthy hiatus and several Sex Pistols reunions sandwiched between, the other groundbreaking band fronted by John Lydon has slipped out an album. Hold the presses: It actually sounds relevant.