• screamin at home

    One of the lesser-known musical pleasures in Australian over the last decade has been the quirky garage sound of the Hekawis, a fuzz-and-organ-driven combo prominent on the Brisbane and Melbourne underground music scenes. Churning out release after release, partly via the then prolific Courdroy label (who happened to own the country's sole vinyl pressing machine for a period in the '90s), the Hekawis pushed all the usual '50s and '60s buttons but came up with a sound unlike any other of their ilk.

  • screaminstevieShoot me with a ball of my own shit if Brisbane-via-Melbourne-and-back-to-Brisbane's Hekawis weren't the best and most ignored garage rock band on the Australian continent. Irreverent, off-beat and driven by Screamin' Stevie's quirky keyboards and down-home vocals, they churned out a slew of inspired singles and albums while almost no-one was looking. Let's hope Screamin' Stevie's new band The Credit Union and their debut album don't suffer the same fate.

  • screaminsteviesaustraliaOne man's Mantovani is another man's "Theme From M*A*S*H*" so I just want it known that Bob Short's review below is a tad harsh. "Just Want To Be Friends" isn't as good as "Four Flights Up" but it ain't a pile of steaming donkey turd either.

  • mama fruitBrisbane institution Screamin' Stevie announces the opening title track of his fourth album in as many years with a trademark "Heeyyyy." There's a blues-rock vibe running through this album that'll hit the spot with old fans and pique the interest of the curious potential new ones.

  • leftys liveBrisbane’s off-the-wall garage soul master, Screamin’ Stevie, has dived head-first into the digital world with two name-your-own-price albums, one of originals and the other of cover tunes.

    The “Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall” releases are live recordings from October 2014 and are now available via Screamin’s Bandcamp site. They’re being released ahead of a full-blown studio album (probably on vinyl) and a flurry of live shows around Brisbane in May-June.

    Heya Bar - Friday May 8
    Heya Bar - Friday May 22
    Heya Bar - Friday May 29
    Greaser - Friday June 19
    Ric's Bar - Saturday July 4

    You'll find the digital albums and various other Screamin' Stevie releases here.


  • justwantstodanceA few people have a problem with Screamin' Stevie's brand of idiosyncratic garage-soul - and that's fine. You can't please all of the people all of the time and Stevie ain't no choirboy. But it's the fact that sometimes (vocally) this Brisbane veteran can't carry a melody to save his life that's at the heart of his artfulness. Putting this quirkiness to one side, most of "She Just Likes To Dance" is poppy garage prime-time.