sean the bastard

  • monks in sexylandMonks in Sexyland – The Owen Guns (Booker/Bastard Records)

    Is it an EP, a mini-album or a long player from a bunch of minimalists? “Monks in Sexyland” clocks in at just eight songs over 13 minutes but who cares what tag you give it. It’s a burst of good old school punk rock Fun with a capital ‘F’.

    If you’re wondering about the title, speculate no more. The I-94 Bar does the hard re3search so you don’t have to. An Australian monk by the name of Venerable Chhet went to court two years ago in a bid to stop A Current Affair airing a TV story about the alleged use of a church credit card at a chain of sex stores.

  • sean the bastardTen Things, Bands and Albums that have caught my eye in 2022, in no particular order.

    The Square Tugs – “Monster Hits “
    This LP is a cracker. The Brisbane-based trio started out as a Circle Jerks cover band (hence the name), but this isn't a one-dimensional release: 16 tracks that channel everything old school (the Ramones, The Damnedetc) into a great album that gets better the more you listen. Its an old school sound without sounding jaded; it still manages to sound fresh with great production and a mix of songs which are funny and also political.   Most of the songs clock in at under two minutes - the only disappointment is that they're over. Check it out.


    The Dark Clouds – “My Way Or The Highway”
    It's taken forever for these slack bastards to get an album out, and as a consequence many of these songs will sound familar to those of you who have seen ‘em live.  It's been worth the wait though as this is a belting rock ‘n’ roll record. Led by a larger-than-life frontman, a wicked lead guitarist and a tight as a fishe’s bottom rhythm section – they’re just as good on record as they are live which is no mean feat. They are one of the most under rated live rock bands in the country. Uf there was any justice they would be filling big venues. If you are fans of rocking proto punk, or balls-to-the-wall Aussie pub rock you'll find something worth your while here. Buy the record, catch them live (they're old - every show could be their last.)