whw posterOne of Europe's top trash garage and go-go weekenders, The Wild Weekend, is coming to Australia for the first time. The three days of monstrous mayhem will run in Melbourne. From December 31 to January 2.

Presented by The Luwow & Zombie Zoo Productions, The Wild Weekend has been held in Europe since 1998. This insane weekender has blazed a trail for other trash festivals across the world and brings a wealth of entertainment experience and an insane level of production detail to a crazy event.

Zombie Zoo Productions’ Skipper Josh and Babz Collins present a weekend of retro fuzz, crazy Ccstume parties and vinyl throwbacks, set in various venues in the Melbourne CBD. The Wild Weekend features top retro trash bands, gruesome go-go goddesses, deviant decor, dastardly disc-jocks, crazy cabaret, mad movies, a boat cruise to nowhere and the Surf-fink Swap-meet.

Full details and tickets are here. Here’s the band line-up:

  • The Wild DIY Garage of Straight Arrows - Raw Noisy Fun from this professional bunch of Sudney party starters!
  • The Punk Junk of The Unknowns –these Creepy Creatures of the Sunshine Coast will get ya pogoing all over the place till your head pops off.
  • The Primitive Blast of Drop Offs – freak out to Fuzzed up slammers from Wollongong’s masters of double drum destruction.
  • The Evil Twang of The Black Widows - All female, all Link Wray, All bloody scary! These conniving  ladies spin a venomous web of instrumental rock and roll and sensual spider stomps.
  • The Grunting Debauchery of The Human Flies - Arch enemies of the Black Widows, these bugged out, bondage freaks get their kicks from shiny black leather and human excretions, playing a cramped up blend of .
  • The Medical Mayhem Of Chills and Fever  - This Diabolical Dr and Nurse duo playing a sick set of medical monstrosities, as they fill your cranial cavity with medicinal bliss. Hang on Spooky, time for your frontal lobotomy!
  • THE Hirsute Horrors Of Howling Lupita and the Loups - It’s a full moon every night with these wigged out werewolves. A classic set of Hirsute Halloween Howlers led by leader of the pack, The Lady Lupita…
  • The Warped Sixties Sounds of The Texan Flashbacks  (San Antonio, USA) - A super group of fans playing Texas garage. A  wild, harp wailing Rhythm & Blues show.
  • The Classic Garage Beat of The Predawn Civilization – An Atlantean Assault on the senses. Unadulterated mid sixties groovers .
  • The Mexican Maniac Thrash of  Monstra Cosa - A cuthulu cult of  high energy rock and roll.
  • The Sweet Surf  Sounds of Los Tremoleros – Atmospheric surf twangers with an Hispanic influence and wrestling masks!
  • The Piractical Swing of The Wylde Wylde Oscars – Beat Island’s most nefarious rogues conjure up a treasure chest of stomping garage shanties.
  • The Fiery Rock and Roll of The Plastic Section – A Devil’s delight of Revved up Rock and Roll raw-cousnes from this Melbourne threesome.
  • The Screaming Jay Blues of Wham E Whamee and The Frenzies - Early Blues Magoos, and Rockin‘ demons bought back to chilling after life by a bunch of no good low down finks….Hello Henry!
  • The Mexi Trash of  Nato Grato Y Los Feos - The most hated band in all of the Latin world, these uglies can’t boogaloo, can’t salsa and cant play guitar either.
  • The gaillo guitarro of The Crypt Kicker Five - Get cremated by a scorching blast of tombstone twang, cemetery crunch and lashings of reverb laden surf.