His old band-mates might be attracting attention on tour as Dictators NYC but ex-Dictator Andy Shernoff isn’t letting the grass grow under his feet.  He’s been recording, producing and playing solo with a couple of formidable EPs under his belt recently, which you can buy here. This week bought into the streaming debate with a lengthy online rant – plus a new song.

Says Shernoff: “I’ve been a professional musician and songwriter for over 40 years. I live and breathe music. I also own thousands of albums and CD’s … but they sit in my closet because…I prefer to STREAM MUSIC!!!!

“I know that the drop in physical record sales has financially hurt many of my fellow musicians. I feel for them but as the music business evolves there will be winner and losers. I believe streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Red will eventually have a hundred million subscribers worldwide … then more money will flow.

“I also understand that fidelity is an issue. Every musician I know works hard to make the best sounding music possible but I also know that most people listen to mp3’s on cheap ear buds negating a good portion of their efforts. The point is convenience trumps everything and we are never going back to what once was …

“I don’t own a typewriter, I don’t have a landline phone, I don’t have cable TV, and I don’t mail letters. I shop online, I pay my bills online, I read the newspaper online, I communicate with my friends and family online…. and every song that I ever want to hear is available online … instantly.

“I love my vinyl but when I want to listen to music…. I stream. 

“….I want to thank Chris Stein, who doesn’t share my feelings about streaming, for allowing me to have fun with his song, Tricia Scotti for the wonderful vocal, Carla Rhodes for the concept and Chris Manley for the video.”