tremor dollsHey Ho, Let’s Go! The original members of the Ramones are dead but their sound lives on in thousands of bands all over the world. It’s said that their greatest gift to music was when the Ramones played in your town because at least one band started after they left. I’m pretty sure that Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls are way too young to have seen The Ramones live, but they sure have listened to their records.

“Chewing Out Your Rhythm On My Bubble Gum” is full of classic Ramones driven riffs, aided by the smokey vocals of Shannon Cannon, Lauren and Zoe. It rocks and rolls, swaggers and pops with wonderful playing and well-crafted songs that just have you grooving from the first track until the last. It’s a winner, this album.

Nick and Chappy (bass and drums) hold this album down tight, playing no shit fills and no drum solos. Graeme and Shannon on guitars sound like they have been at this caper for years. In fact, this is their debut album - not counting the self-titled EP released last year that you punters are lucky enough to get as a bonus.

That’s 16 tracks all up and it’s still not enough. Yes, folks, I want more. This is music from yesterday, played today, ready to have you STILL rockin’ tomorrow.
This CD kicks off with “Feed Up Runaway, You Had Your Chance”. I’m glad it’s not me. Does the singer get stuck into this poor bloke? What did he do? “Rock ’n’ Roll Babe” is a doo wop ’60s-styled song with backing vocals by Lauren, who just shines on this tune. She can be heard right through this album and she is awesome.

“Reason” is a flat-out rocker in the style of The Distillers. “Just Down” has dirty guitars and vocals that burn. It’s smash and grab music, as is “Big Chief”. With a blistering guitar solo, “Monster” just keeps you rocking.

Now, the next track is just brilliant: “One Trick Pony” is not what you want to hear from your ex-girlfriend. The poor prick…I do feel sorry for him. He gets a beating, does this brat, baseball-style (get it?) but we do get a wonderful song from it.

More rock n roll follows and it rocks, finishing with “Baby I Love You”. That’s 12 tracks of groove people, and as I said, you get the EP tacked on at the end. “Do Your Duty” and “When I Leave You” are its stand out tracks, but let me say that there is not one shitty song to be heard from this band. Every song is a winner. Thank the rock gods for The Ramones and a big thankyou to J S & T D for keeping the spirit of rock ’n’ roll alive and healthy in South Australia.

In closing, I will be very interested to hear what this band sounds like on their second and third albums. Will the sound change much? I hope not. I know it’s only rock ’n’ roll but I like it, love it, yes I do.


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