punch me hardWith a band on it called Guitar Fucker, it has to be a winner. “Punch Me Hard” is a compilation CD from Burning Sound in Switzerland and it’s 15 tracks of garage and punk rock, with touches of swampy blues rock ’n’ roll, that fucking burns.

What a vibrant and rocking scene those Swiss fuckers have going on over there…it must be those very liberal ways of living? This CD reminds me of listen to Kev Lobotomi on PBS Radio in Melbourne or being at a Fred Negro gig. It’s interesting, diverse and who knows what’s coming next.

Checking out the bands on this CD compilation, it’s obvious that there are some very cool names going on. There’s The Space Goodies, Green Fairy, Psychosocial Club, Turbotraktor (with their blues/garage song “Anal Cunt”) and my personal favourite, Guitar Fucker, who is said to be such a nasty piece of work that no musician in Switzerland will play with or support.

Guitar Fucker apparently spits and throws shit at the audience but, hell, does he rock out with just guitar and foot stomping (although you do wonder who is drumming.) He is fucking amazing and a true original. His song “Don’t Steal My Car” got me big-time. An awesome song, great guitar and voice and that stomping. I fucking love it so much that I just bought his album. I wonder how long mail takes from Switzerland?

So this is a very good CD (or LP) for anyone interested in what the Swiss are up to at this very moment in their music history. As with any compilation of garage-punk, there’s some shit and some vaguely familiar sounding riffs. I can live with that. There’s also a lot of sprit here from this record label. They do it all, as booking agents, managers and as a record company. Sounds like some folks I know… 

Anyway, I’ll definitely be checking out more of what Burning Sound has to offer.


Burning Sound on Bandcamp