sex organsIt’s all so obvious and so much more childish than Parliamentary Question Time, but how can you resist a male-female duo called The Sex Organs who dress like they’re named with songs like “Lubrication” and “I Wanna Be a Pussy”? Oh, you can? If you have sufficient taste to push back, you can leave now.

Drummer Jackie and guitarist Bone formed The Sex Organs in 2014 to play European festivals and quickly recorded a single, “Fuck The Human Race”, in Amsterdam’s red light district. They come (pun intended) from somewhere in Europe. This is their debut album and of course it’s on Voodoo Rhythm,  the people who peddle “songs to ruin any party”. Or orgy.

“Intergalactic Sex Tourists” is, roughly speaking, a concept album. It’s about The Sex Organs and their arrival from outer space. Musically, The Sex Organs come off (see what I did just there again?) like rockabilly-garage mutants. Shared vocals, fuzz and twang and cleanish production without much bottom end (probably because they’re a duo with a bassist.) The record’s littered with between-song newscasts and sound grabs that are on the lame side.

Lyrically speaking, lines like “I wanna be a pussy/But I’m a fucking dick” aren’t going to follow in Bob’s Nobel Prize-winning steps, and sometimes the song titles are better than the tunes (“Camel Toe Twist”) but you’ve been warned. It’s all good. clean fun that doesn’t take itself at all seriously.

While the joke might wear thin after a few spins, the band can play with Jackie especially adept behind the traps. What body parts they’ll adopt for their second album is anyone’s guess. My money’s on the lower intestines.


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