amyl and the sniffersThis may well be the only review of the Amyl and the Sniffers LP that makes no mention of mullets, sharpies, bogans or moles.

(I must mention, however, that one of the best mullets I have ever seen is the bass player from the mid-period line up of The Angels as seen in the film clip of that "No Way Get Fucked" song...although he is no match for Bob Spencer who in the same video has no hair and a monster rat's tail! Awesome!)

Amyl and the Sniffers are a young Australian punk rock band from Melbourne...and they play like they really mean it. Unlike some fake punky rockers over the past 40 years who, despite having the right shoes, clothes, haircuts and an obscure Killed By Death seven-inch that sells for $800 on eBay,  were just trendies with no guts, heart , soul or songs. 

It must be said that A.A.T.S aren’t stuck in the '70s and'80s. For Christ's sake, their first two releases (which make up this LP) were available via download only or via hipster-approved cassettes. (This release is on LP with a download code.) These guys (and girl) seem like they really want to a 2018 Punk rock band and so they should.

When singer Amy Taylor sings “People look at me like I’m a hooker” you know she’s not lying - and her Sniffers have got the beef and potatoes to back it all up. The tunes are great. Young, loud and snotty. The lyrics tell the story of a chick getting it on with all the good/bad times that life has the offer.

Drummer Bryce Wilson is dead on the money, really hammering out the right stuff. Guitarist Dec Martens plays true snot guitar. Dirt + Attitude = Good. Bass player Calum Newton is the anchor that stops the whole thing from drifting off into Nowheresville.

Great Songs + Attitude + Vocals = A thumbs up from me.

And they have some big industry suits behind them; record store and venue owner Richie Ramone (his real name) is the boss of their record label. 

If you like The Victims, early Ramones or KBD girl-fronted bands like Tyranna and The Reactors or Berlin electro punkers Electrocute, then I reckon you should have a listen to this.