3headed-dogThere’s a healthy rock and roll exchange program between St Kilda and Paris that’s being maintained by underground musicians from both sides of the globe. On the Franco side, it’s through semi-regular visits to Australia by players from bands like Dimi Dero Inc, Tex Napalm and Dimi Dero and Holy Curse (R.I.P.). 3 Headed Dog is the latest addition to the list and their musical trail leads to the seamy side of town.

The trio of Jean-Luc Barranco, Pascal Manganaro and Vinz Guilluy (the latter two members of Dimi Dero Inc and both ex-Holy Curse) is augmented in the studio by Aussies Lillith Lane, Penny Ikinger and Rosie Westbrook. The collaboration has spawned this four-track EP, recorded in Melbourne a couple of years ago.

3 Headed Dog play a warm brand of fuzzed-up noise rock, only loosely constrained by formal song structures. Opening track “Bang Bang” frames this perfectly, a jungle beat married to tuned down guitar and a big bottom end with vocals buried deep in the mix. “Burning” visits the same dark places while “Collingwood” is a ball of tom toms and dive-bombing guitars. “White Line” melds haunting backing vocals to a strident melody line, all the while giving no quarter with muscular guiitar-work that sounds like the MC5.

Available as a four-song vinyl EP (with five-song digital download) or CD.


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