If you're looking for an expert on Danish acid rock of the early '70s you're in the wrong place. That period of music is the reference point for Spids Nogenhat but if they hit their mark, I have no idea. I do know that this, their second studio LP on champion Copenhagen label Bad Afro, is excellent.


Bad Afro has a mortgage on this sort of stuff and there's no surprise to find Lorenzo Woodrose (Baby Woodrose) and two of his early bandmates are on board. Spiralling guitar leads and swirling keys sit comfortably against mid-tempo and sometimes deliberate feels. What the singer's on about, I have no idea; it's all in Danish.


Befittingly for a band shrouded at least partly in mystery, the first Spids Nogenhat album came out on vinyl in 2001 and disappeared from sight - before selling loads of copies and going into multiple re-pressings. The band started as a side project for members of On Trial, which also spawned Baby Woodrose and Dragontears.


The band name translates to Liberty Cap, a variety of magic mushroom. There's a distinct '70s vibe to these eight tracks. "Jorden Kalder" has a Doors echo in the deft guitar-work. "Fred (Peace Sign)" is a drone-and-chant while "Lever Vi Nu?" is a shimmering acid trip and the best cut on the album.


It's being released on LP in a run of 1000 copies with 100 more in the archaic cassette format going on sale at shows. Presuming you don't go to shows and spend your time staring at this screen or Denmark is just too far off your beaten track, you can hit up the label direct to get a copy.