It was clever to take on the 1972 Whitlam campaign slogan for the name of their debut EP. After all, that election ended years of conservative government and brought an end to decades of beige. 

The EP opens with “Flowers”, a bonfide pop rock song with power chording leading into the chorus  There’s something very English about the sound. There’s a nod to Blur and the Beatles, mixed with a Who-like attitude. If Pocketwatch recalled any Yank band, it would have to the brilliant but little-known Boston act, Anastasia Screamed, of the late ‘80s who had a similar well-crafted brand of noisy pop.

 “Pinafore” is a killer radio-friendly track with lots of melody and a powerful back beat. It is the strongest song on the EP. “While We Sleep” explores another side of the band and steps into balladeering territory of REMwith its light and shade. It’s laced with a lyrical sensitivity that sets it apart the competition. 
Richard Ball’s production is safe, sharp and clean and gives the EP sparks of freshness, urgency and melody. Expect more from this talented teen band in the future. You can buy a physical copy at Redye Records in Sydney.


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