sam mcinerney-wand

  • pocketwatch its timeIt’s Time - Pocketwatch (self released)

    Pocketwatch sprang out of the garage and onto the Sydney music scene just on a year ago, and within months were a “must see” with their infectious and full-on energy shows.  

    Capturing the spirit of 1977 and the melodic British punk of The Jam and The Clash, they had lashings of melodic hooks. Their youngest member was only 15-years-old which limited the venues they could play. Despite that handicap, they had a work ethic - and it showed. They became tighter with every gig and delivered some blistering shows.

    Songwriter Angus Ross emerged out of his bedroom with a batch of songs he’d been creating for a fews years and teamed with the amazing rhythm section that is Jamie Woodward on bass and Sam McInerney-Wand on drums.